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We are located very close to the city of Vilnius. Our goal is to bring You back to the oasis of peacefulness where the nature wins over the civilization and where the noise of the city is left far away. We are located in Vilnius district, in Grikieniai town, and we can be reached via road No. 171 which connects Bukiskis town with Dukstos town. This road originates in Bukiskis, in Suderves Street, where it branches off the A2 highway connecting Vilnius with Panevezys. The distance of our stables to Vilnius city border is about 9 kilometers. When you enter Suderve, take the first turn to the left just before the circle-shaped bus stop. This is how You enter Mechanisators Street which leads You to our stable that is situated a couple of kilometers from Suderve. When the weather is good You can enjoy Your time with horses outside and rest your eyes in beautiful Lithuanian country surroundings. If the weather is not so well, You are welcome to use our indoor arena. You can enjoy the company of horses and riding no matter what the weather is!